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The Blog Village - Tools and Training to Create, Grow and Monetize Your Blog

Tools and Training to
Create, Grow and Monetize Your Blog

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Learn how to create, grow and monetize your blog!


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Features List

Over 300 HD Video Lessons

Screen captures and live video walking you step-by-step through website creation and maintenance, applications in the Adobe Creative Suite, and real world tutorials like how to shoot great video and photos. That's over 24 hours of comprehensive training!

Customized Learning Experience

Choose whether to learn by experience level or topic. Experience level curriculums take the guesswork out of learning and help you focus on what is important at whatever stage you are at.

Social Stats Dashboard

Finally, one centralized location to see your social media performance across all major platforms. Watch trends, annotate events and compare your site to others with this awesome tool!

Auto Image

A game changing image resizing tool providing the fastest and easiest way to perfectly size images for your blog and every social media platform in under 6o seconds.

Private Community Forums

Join the entire Blog Village community in getting advice, feedback, motivation and support from an active community of fellow bloggers. All private, not indexed by Google.

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base is a constantly evolving resource built on community sourced information. This provides a quick go-to compilation of information on many important topics.

Monthly Updates w/Trevor & Jennifer

Each month we do a video update where we answer your questions, talk about current trends and share tips for growing your business.

Private FB Group

Connect with other members and get answers quickly and conveniently with our active Private FB Group.

Member Only Resources

These provide a variety of shortcuts to help with your blogging business. Document templates, project files, PSDs, image processing tools just to name some.

Live Chat

Sometimes you just want to talk to someone live. With our live chat feature, you can speak with us directly in real-time.

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Training is Just the Beginning

You also need tools to succeed and we have amazing tools!

Social Stats Dashboard

The killer social app to help you dominate social media

Your Dashboard

Immediate insights into your performance on all of the major social media platforms. Use this information to track progress, test new strategies and annotate events. You can also see the performance of over one thousand blogs that we track.

Similar analytics services cost $50-$100/mo!

Find What Works.


Having data on all of your social networks in one place gives you a universal view of the effectiveness of your social media strategy. See how posting frequency, posting times and other variables affect your growth on each platform.

What's Everybody Doing?

Community Analysis

Easily see what other bloggers are finding success with by seeing their social analytics. Determine who to partner with and optimize collaborations by easily finding bloggers you may not even know about with similarly sized audiences.

Track Events.


Annotate events per platform privately or publicly to enhance your understanding of peaks and valleys over time. With this feature you can see how posting specific content or various social strategies directly affect growth.

Customer Testimonails

After one month of utilizing both the tutorials and community forums, we saw 42% growth in site views from our best month. We also saw at least 20% growth in social media followers. The feedback and support we have received played a huge role in our success.

Matthew and Sarah Geeks Who Eat

Auto Image

We cracked the code for the perfect image workflow tool

Meet Auto Image

Stop spending time creating every image size under the sun for each social media platform and let Auto Image do it for you. This tool makes creating images fun, easy and incredibly fast!

Most people create one or two sizes of their images but they miss out big time on optimizing them for every scenario. Why? Time. It takes time to create images.
Auto Image puts the time back in your hands.

Here is a video demo of Auto Image in action
SEO and Organization on Lockdown.

Resize & Optimize

With Auto Image and a few clicks of your mouse, every image you need is created, SEO optimized, organized into folders and delivered in a zip file with a bow on it!

Stop Wasting Time.

Powerful & Fast

Auto Image quickly allows you to create optimized images for your blog, sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any custom size you require.

Be More Efficient.


Auto Image gives you more time to focus on the things that matter: creating great content and sharing it. It will single handedly change the way you create your images!

Customer Testimonails

I have been blogging off and on since 2008 and despite my years of knowledge in the world of Wordpress and social media, my expertise (and brand) has grown exponentially since joining Jennifer and Trevor. Not only do they have the secret sauce to help move blogs forward, but the community of bloggers involved is invaluable for accountability and encouragement. I attribute much of my [You Tube] channel’s growth to their technical assistance as well as the encouragement from The Blog Village community.

Joanie JoanieSimon.com
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About the Creators

Trevor and Jennifer Debth are the creators of the blog Show Me the Yummy. They grew SMTY into a profitable business earning six-figures in two years.

They have made blogging their full-time jobs and want to show you how you can create, grow and monetize your own blog!
Trevor Debth

Trevor Debth

Chief Instructor

As your primary instructor, he brings over 20 years of photography, video editing, post-production, web design and most importantly teaching experience. He breaks down complex concepts into easy to understand pieces that anyone can learn.

Jennifer Debth

Jennifer Debth

Chief Advisor

Jennifer is pretty much a blogging ninja, and is an invaluable resource on our live calls and community forums sharing her expertise on writing, social media growth, styling, photography and increasing traffic.

Customer Testimonails

The Blog Village has given me the direction and help that I needed for my blog. Trevor and Jennifer took the time to really look at my blog and give me specific feedback that worked for me. The video tutorials are full of information that I wish I had when I first started blogging.

Kathy Beyond the Chicken Coop
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Mobile Responsive

The Blog Village is mobile responsive, so it looks awesome on a computer, tablet or phone.

Chrome iPad

About The Blog Village

We succeed when you succeed!

We operate The Blog Village with a simple mission statement:
Through training, tools and support,
we are here to help you succeed!

Our community is full of passionate people who are excited, curious, willing to work and ready for success! The Blog Village isn't just a place you come to learn, it's a place you come to interact with our community of supportive bloggers. We value community over competition.

What's to come?

This is just the beginning.

We have many new courses in the pipeline, roadmaps for growing our tools and technology, plus more exciting surprises to come. Now is the time to get on board and start taking your blogging business to the next level!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! All of our course material is geared toward any and all types of blogs. Our members are food bloggers, DIY blogger, travel bloggers and more!

We (Trevor and Jennifer) personally answer all of your questions. We have an awesome community of bloggers that also will jump in and try to help, but it's important to us that you hear from us directly.

Definitely not. Beyond the basics, we have many advanced topics that we cover and have incredibly successful bloggers who find tremendous value in not only our courses but also our tools.

You get access to all lessons that your membership includes all at once. You can go in order or hop around, whatever works best for you!

We do! Earn a 20-40% commission on recurring memberships and a $120 commission on any workshop referrals. Our program is managed through ShareASale! You can find The Blog Village Affiliate Program here.


We don't offer a payment plan at this time.

Definitely! If you decide any time within the first 30 days of your membership that it's not for you, we'll refund your payment no-questions-asked!

We use Stripe, a widely used payment processor and don't accept PayPal.


Nope! Everything we cover is cross platform.

Lock in these Prices for Life!

30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee


Let's Set Up Your Blog
$1/one time


Learn the Basics


Beyond the Basics


Professional Blogger
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Plan Details


Our entry level membership teaches you everything you need to know to find your domain name, setup hosting and install WordPress.
  • Course Access
  • Getting Started - 9 Lessons (45 min)
  • Tools
  • No Access
  • Support
  • Community Forum
  • Additional Features
  • Getting Started Community Forum
$1one time payment
Blog Village Registration is currently Closed


Our basic membership contains 100+ lessons that cover the basics for you, giving you a solid foundation to grow from. You also get access to your social growth from day to day with our Social Stats Dashboard tool.
  • Courses
  • Getting Started - 9 Lessons (45 min)
  • +WordPress - 35 Lessons (2hr 36 min)
  • +Essential Plugins - 25 Lessons (2hr)
  • +Google Analytics - 20 Lessons (2hr)
  • +Photography 101 - 30 Lessons (2hr)
  • Tools
  • +Social Stats Dashboard (single site: yesterday)
  • Support
  • Community Forum
  • Additional Features
  • +Knowledge Base
  • +Select Community Forums
  • +Templates and Tools
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Blog Village Registration is currently Closed


The Plus membership adds 70 lessons, expands your Social Stats visibility to the last 30 days, unlocks Auto Image to quickly and easily make SEO and size optimized images for your site.
  • Courses
  • Getting Started - 9 Lessons (45 min)
  • WordPress - 35 Lessons (2hr 36 min)
  • Essential Plugins - 25 Lessons (2hr)
  • Google Analytics - 20 Lessons (2hr)
  • Photography 101 - 30 Lessons (2hr)
  • +Lightroom - 25 Lessons (3hr 19min)
  • +Social Media 101 - 16 Lessons (1hr 11min)
  • +Search Console - 16 Lessons (1hr 17min)
  • +Ads - 13 Lessons (1hr 9min)
  • Tools
  • Social Stats Dashboard (single site: 30 days)
  • +Auto Image
  • Support
  • Community Forums
  • +Live Chat
  • +FB Group
  • Features
  • +Private FB Group
  • +Access to All Community Forums
  • +Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base
  • Templates and Tools
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Blog Village Registration is currently Closed


The Pro membership adds 93 lessons, shooting and editing video is thoroughly covered, one of our most income driving mini-courses on creating your own "Work with Me" online site, expands your Social Stats visibility to all history for any and all sites we track, includes Auto Image to quickly and easily make SEO and size optimized images for your site.

Pro members also get $300/yr off any product (pays for itself) that includes membership to TBV such as the Show Me the Yummy Video (Hands-on or Online) Workshop.
  • Courses
  • Getting Started - 9 Lessons (45 min)
  • WordPress - 35 Lessons (2hr 36 min)
  • Essential Plugins - 25 Lessons (2hr)
  • Google Analytics - 20 Lessons (2hr)
  • Photography 101 - 30 Lessons (2hr)
  • Lightroom - 25 Lessons (3hr 19min)
  • Social Media 101 - 16 Lessons (1hr 11min)
  • Search Console - 16 Lessons (1hr 17min)
  • Ads - 13 Lessons (1hr 9min)
  • +Shooting Video - 27 Lessons (1hr 47min)
  • +Adobe Premiere - 28 Lessons (4hr 7min)
  • +Affiliate Marketing - 8 Lessons (43min)
  • +Working With Brands - 19 Lessons (1hr 47min)
  • +Media Kit Mini-Site - 15 Lessons (1hr 45min)
  • Tools
  • Social Stats Dashboard +(all sites - all history)
  • Auto Image
  • +Brand Work/Income Tracker (coming 2017)
  • +All additional tools developed
  • Support
  • Community Forums
  • Community Forums
  • FB Group
  • +Email
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Blog Village Registration is currently Closed

If for any reason within 30-days of your purchase you are not completely satisfied, just email us and we'll issue you a refund, no questions asked.

Teddy is always watching.